DEMSA ISIL İŞLEM SAN.TİC ve LTD.ŞTİ. was established in 2005 by Oğuzhan DEMİRCİ, Kartal district of Istanbul Anatolian side with salt baths and annealing furnace sections. In 2009, in Pendik Kurtköy, he completed a 2500 m2 field factory investment and moved it to a new stage of growth.

In 2009, the first 500 kg/h capacity Kontiniu heat treatment line with electric heating and gas atmosphere control, which is developed by the heat treatment furnace producers working as a partner abroad, was commissioned. In order to meet the increasing demand in line with customer satisfaction and expectations; In 2011, the second electric heated gas atmosphere controlled 500 kg./h capacity Kontiniu heat treatment line was activated.

In 2013, equipped with latest technology, computer and PLC controlled electric heated gas atmospheric controlled 750 kg./h capacity Kontiniu heat treatment line has reached to a production capacity of 2 ton/h.

DEMSA ISIL İŞLEM was founded in 2005, adopting a philosophy based on continuous improvement and increasing the production and employment in line with the targets of 2016. Accordingly, with the establishment of 3300 m2 factory on an area of 4500 m2 in 2nd Section of DILOVASI VI. (İMES) Machinery Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, the Company included the computer and PLC controlled 1 ton kg./h capacity Kontiniu heat treatment line and a second 1 ton/h capacity line in 2017 to the machine park and increased the production capacity as central and branch facilities to 4 ton/h.

There are more than 500 companies in the DEMSA ISIL İŞLEM customer portfolio from connectors, automotive, white goods, defense, construction, machinery and spare parts industry. Our company has adopted the principle of meeting customers' heat treatment needs with reasonable price, high quality and timely delivery performance.

DEMSA ISIL İŞLEM has become the leading company in the sector as the partner firm of the customers it has served and has made it the basic working principle to offer the most suitable solution for its customers by using technology and employing qualified personnel without sacrificing quality with all the investments made.


To be a solution partner company that meets customer expectations as a leading brand with reliability, service quality and competitive position in the heat treatment sector without harming the environment.


To ensure the continuity of our ability to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level. To carry our claim of being “firstly preferred, reliable, reputable trademark” to new targets in Turkey by applying advanced heat treatment technologies.